Terms of Service

[Worryfree Mall].  Worryfree Marketplace Terms of Service

1. Scope of application

1.1 These Worryfree Terms of Service (hereinafter referred to as these Terms) apply to Buyers and/or Sellers due to the use of Worryfree Shopping Services, and Worryfree Shopping Services  The relationship of rights and obligations constitutes a contract between the buyer and/or the seller and Worryfree.


1.2 In addition to the matters specifically stipulated in these Terms and other Worryfree Shopping policies or rules, the original Worryfree Seller Agreement, the Worryfree Mall Seller Agreement Terms and various policies or rules published on the Worryfree Shopping Platform ( Including but not limited to the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Prohibition and Restriction of Goods Policy, Refund and Return Policy.... etc.), which continues to apply.


1.3 Worryfree may modify the content of these Terms at any time by announcing it on the Worryfree Shopping Platform and notifying the Seller by APP push, email or SMS. Buyers' and/or Seller's continued use of the WorryFree Services after the publication of the revised version shall be deemed to be Buyer's and/or Seller's agreement to such changes.


2. Description of Fees

2.1 (1)  The category of the goods shall be set by the seller in accordance with the classification standards provided by Worryfree, and if it is found that the goods set by the seller are classified incorrectly, Worryfree may unilaterally decide to change the category of goods, or remove the goods, or freeze the seller's store.


(2)   Freight is not included in the calculation; However, if the shipping fee is included in the transaction amount of the commodity or the transaction method is free shipping, the transaction fee will still be calculated according to the transaction amount of the product, and the actual shipping fee will not be deducted.


(3)   In principle, the unit price of commodity transactions shall be subject to the records of the Worryfree system, but if there is reasonable evidence, it can be considered that the actual transaction amount is higher than the transaction amount recorded in the Worryfree system, including but not limited to the situation where the buyer and seller negotiate separately, the actual transaction amount shall prevail.


2.2 Gold Flow Service Fee

(1) For orders established in Worryfree Mall from 00:00 on October 1, 2020, the seller shall pay the gold flow service fee according to the content of this article:


(2) In addition to the transaction fee, credit cards (excluding credit card installment payment), bank transfers, Worryfree wallets, cash on delivery, and cash flow service fees incurred by the buyer's payment shall also be borne by the seller:


Buyer's order amount ×2% = Gold flow service fee (rounded up to RMB).

The cash flow service fee for credit card instalment payment varies according to the bank and instalment period selected by the buyer at the time of order checkout, and the corresponding cash flow service fee rate announced by the platform at that time shall prevail.


(3) The buyer's order amount includes the transaction amount of the product and the shipping fee.


(4) The price of the goods sold by the seller shall include the gold flow service fee, and the buyer shall not be charged additional fees in this name. If the seller is found to have violated the above agreement after reporting or Worryfree, Worryfree has the right to suspend or terminate the seller's account.


2.3 Worryfree will settle the Buyer's purchase amount, after deducting the fees set out in this Clause, and transfer the remaining amount to the Seller's e-wallet on a regular basis or in accordance with the Seller's instructions. In the event of cancellation, return and refund in accordance with these Terms or the Worryfree Refund and Return Policy, the corresponding fee will be refunded to the seller's e-wallet, unless the seller violates the provisions of these Terms on Commodity Warranty.


3. Product Warranty

3.1 The Seller guarantees that it has sufficient rights and authority to sell the goods listed on Worryfree Mall and does not infringe the rights of any third party (including but not limited to copyrights, trademark rights, patent rights and trade secrets, etc.).


3.2 If the Buyer reports that the goods listed by the Seller are counterfeit or there is a risk of counterfeiting, the Seller shall submit the relevant legal rights certification documents as soon as possible after the notice of Worryfree, if the information submitted is not submitted within the specified period of Worryfree or the information submitted is not sufficient to support the legal rights of the Goods, the Seller agrees to follow the relevant information  Worryfree mall policy stipulates

(1) Accept customer returns and refunds;


(2) Increase the compensation for the loss suffered by the buyer, and the amount of loss shall be calculated as double the transaction amount of the goods. If Worryfree pays this compensation to the Buyer on behalf of the Seller, the Seller shall immediately pay the same amount to Worryfree in accordance with the Worryfree notice; and


(3) Bear other costs, losses and liabilities (including but not limited to Worryfree loss of goodwill) arising therefrom.

In the event of any occurrence of these Terms (whether before or after Worry's determination), Worryfree may take all appropriate measures, including, but not limited to, removing the Product, prohibiting the listing of the same or similar Product, restricting or suspending Seller Account access, or restricting or suspending Seller's use Worryfree shopping services and/or refund of purchase funds to buyers. Seller's obligations and liabilities under this Agreement shall not be affected by the suspension of Seller's account authority. If the Seller fails to return the Buyer's purchase money, pay compensation or bear other costs, losses and liabilities in accordance with this Agreement, Worryfree may deduct it from the balance of Seller's Worryfree Wallet.


3.3 The Seller guarantees that the Products listed on Worryfree Mall comply with all relevant laws, regulations and orders, including but not limited to the Product Labeling Act, the Product Inspection Act, the Consumer Protection Act, the Fair Trade Act, the Food Safety and Hygiene Management Act... Wait.


3.4 If the Goods are items that should be inspected or sold with a license or permit, the Seller shall complete the inspection or obtain a license or permit, and disclose the conformity label, picture of the license or permit and its number in the product description before publishing. If Worryfree finds that the seller violates the aforementioned provisions or is requested by a letter from the competent authority, Worryfree will remove the illegal product from the shelves, and the relevant fees will not be refunded.


3.5 The Seller warrants that the Seller will provide after-sales service such as warranty for product defects, warranty maintenance, problem consultation or technical support to the Buyer in accordance with the Civil Law, Consumer Protection Law or other relevant laws and regulations, as well as the various trading conditions and commitments described in the Marketplace or the Product Description when the Buyer purchases the Goods, and the same applies after the Seller stops selling the same Goods for any reason.


4. Return and Refund Rules

4.1 Reasons for return and refund

(1) General reasons for return and refund: The buyer and the seller understand and agree that the buyer has the right to request a return and/or refund under any of the following circumstances, and the seller shall assist in handling it as soon as possible:

i. the Buyer did not receive the Goods;


ii. the Buyer receives the Product that is defective or has been damaged during shipping;


iii. The buyer receives goods that do not meet the agreed specifications (e.g. wrong size, color, etc.); or


iv. The customer receives a product that materially does not match the product description listed by the seller.


(2) 15-day hesitation period: In addition to the above general reasons for return and refund, the seller agrees to provide the mall buyer with a 15-day hesitation period, and the buyer can submit the return and/or / on the Worryfree platform within 15 days after receiving the goods Or refund application and return of goods to terminate the sale and purchase contract, without giving reasons and bearing any fees or consideration, the seller should assist in handling as soon as possible. However, this does not apply if any of the following conditions are met and the seller precedes the listing on the product page:

i. is prone to corruption, has a short retention period or is about to expire in the event of termination;

ii. customized payments according to the requirements of the buyer;

iii. newspapers, periodicals or magazines;

iv. audio-visual products or computer software that have been opened by the Buyer;

v. Digital Content that is not provided in tangible media or online services that are completed once provided are provided with the prior consent of the Buyer;

vi. Personal hygiene articles that have been opened; or

vii. International Air Passenger Services.


4.2 The buyer's return and/or refund request must be submitted through the Worryfree platform, and the buyer's application will be reviewed and decided whether to approve the buyer's application in accordance with these Terms and the relevant Worryfree Policy.


4.3 For the Buyer's return and refund application approved by Worryfree Review, the Buyer shall return the goods that meet the conditions of these Terms and the Refund and Return Policy to the Seller within the specified period through the seller's preset return shipping method (supermarket shipping, logistics pickup and/or seller's own dispatch) within the specified period, otherwise it will be deemed that the buyer has withdrawn the return and refund application Funds will be allocated to sellers. The seller should accept the goods returned by the buyer within the specified period after receiving them, if the goods are confirmed to be correct, they can click on the refund, if they find that the status is abnormal (such as missing pieces, damaged or not received the returned goods, etc.), they should raise a dispute through this platform and attach relevant supporting materials, if the seller does not complete the above reply within the specified time, Worryfree refund will be made to the buyer (the detailed process is described in the announcement of this platform).  Worryfree will provide the seller's return shipping subsidy according to the content of the announcement on this platform at that time (Worryfree may suspend, terminate or adjust the shipping subsidy content after notifying the seller in advance).


4.4 The Buyer and the Seller understand and agree that based on the logistics costs and human time costs such as inspection of the Goods, the Buyer may notify the Buyer that the Goods do not need to be returned in respect of the approved Buyer's return and/or refund application, and the Seller agrees that the Goods do not need to be returned and abandons all rights and claims in the Goods.


4.5 The Seller may raise an objection through the Worryfree Platform within three days after receiving the result of the Worryfree Review approval of the Buyer's return and/or refund application or within four days after receiving the Buyer's return of the Goods, provided that relevant supporting information is sufficient to support its claim. If it is determined that the seller's objection is justified, all or part of the payment will be allocated to the seller on a case-by-case basis. The Buyer and Seller agree to accept CAREFREE's final decision on the return and/or refund request and warrant that CAREFREE will not bring any action or otherwise assert any claim against CAREFREE or its affiliates arising out of the cause of such decision.


5. Violation of the effect

If the Buyer and/or Seller breaches or delays the performance of any of its obligations or warranties under these Terms, WORRY® may take all appropriate measures, including but not limited to restricting or suspending Buyer and/or Seller from using Worryfree Services, restricting or suspending Buyer and/or Seller  or the Seller's account authority and funds are granted to the Seller or refunded to the Buyer, and the Buyer and/or the Seller shall compensate Worryfree, its affiliates or a third party for all losses and expenses incurred as a result. Worryfree is free to deduct or temporarily retain any fees and indemnities payable by Seller under these Terms from the purchase payments made by Buyer.